Sustainable Refining's mission is to manufacture renewable, sustainable, bio-based products that lead the industry in protecting human health and the environment while performing as well or better than the fossil based petroleum products they replace.

Chainsaw Bar & Chain Lubricants

Sustainable Refining Bar and Change Oil

With lineage dating back to the early 20th century, many of us think of the chainsaw as a very loud 2-stroke, gasoline-powered tree cutting machine. But, in fact, there are many different types of chain saws. When it comes to powering these devices, there's the familiar gasoline, the less familiar but growing electrically-powered saws, then there's the less familiar hydraulics, and compressed air versions. In addition to cutting wood, they can also be used to cut concrete, stone, ice and metals. Regardless of power source or material cutting ability, all chainsaws that employ a powered cutting chain traveling along a guide bar need lubrication at that critical bar and chain contact surface. At Sustainable Refining, we've developed a line of superior vegetable oil based bar and chain lubricating oils. Not only do our oils provide superior lubrication, but they are also non-hazardous, biodegradable, renewable, and their use reduces our nation's reliance on fossil fuels.

SR-5000 Ultimate Bar and Chain Oil

The SR-5000 lubricant is a non-hazardous, high lubricity, industrial-grade bar and chain oil. This product is manufactured from a proprietary blend of biodegradable, vegetable bio-based oils, additized with food-grade stabilizing anti-oxidants and bar adherence tackifiers. SR-5000 Bar and Chain oil gives you superior bar and chain lubricity along with low-toxicity and high biodegradability.

SR-6000 Ultimate Arctic Blend Bar and Chain Oil

The SR-6000 arctic blend oil is like our SR-5000 oil, with the addition of low-toxicity additives to allow usage in temperatures below -25° C (-13° F). Our SR-6000 Arctic Blend Bar and Chain oil gives you superior bar and chain lubricity, and excellent low temperature performance, while delivering superior protection of human health and high environmental biodegradability.

As with all Sustainable Refining products, you're doing your part to reduce our nation's dependence on fossil-based oils.

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