Sustainable Refining's mission is to manufacture renewable, sustainable, bio-based products that lead the industry in protecting human health and the environment while performing as well or better than the fossil based petroleum products they replace.

Hydraulic Oil

Sustainable Refining Hydraulic Oil

Our world would look vastly different if it weren't for hydraulic fluids. Physically speaking, hydraulic fluids play the incredibly important role of transferring power created by mechanical engines into fluid power which is then used as a power source for hydraulically controlled equipment. In addition to powering hydraulic systems, modern day fluids are also expected to provide lubrication, act as a rust inhibitor, dissipate excessive heat, and minimize deposits. At Sustainable Refining, we've developed a hydraulic fluid that provides all these attributes with the added benefits of being non-hazardous, biodegradable, renewable, and reducing our nation's reliance on petroleum oils.

SR-9000 Hydraulic Fluid

Our SR-9000 combines 100% vegetable bio based oil with a proprietary NSF HX-1 food grade approved additive package to provide a high performance Vickers M-2950-S, I-286-S OEM approved hydraulic fluid. Unlike petroleum based hydraulic fluids, SR-9000 is non-hazardous, has low toxicity for the protection of human health and high biodegradability for protection of the environment. As with all Sustainable Refining products, when you purchase SR-9000 you're doing your part to reduce our nation's dependence on fossil based oils.

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