Sustainable Refining's mission is to manufacture renewable, sustainable, bio-based products that lead the industry in protecting human health and the environment while performing as well or better than the fossil based petroleum products they replace.

Vehicle Undercoating

Sustainable Refining Car and Truck Undercoating

In this day and age our roads are coated with everything from de-icing compounds such as calcium chloride (road salt) to fertilizers and pesticides from runoff. As we drive, these harsh chemicals, natural dirt and grime are propelled up from the road's surface, becoming unwelcome hitchhikers on the underbellies of our vehicles. Though it may not be immediately apparent, exposure to moisture, salt, and other powerful chemicals damage a vehicle's body, frame and electrical connections.

At Sustainable Refining, we've developed a bio-based rust protectant vehicle undercoating, which repels moisture and other harmful chemicals, while it shields vulnerable and unseen areas from rust damage. Unlike many of the rust preventative chemicals on the market today, our GS-2000 is derived from non-petroleum 100% bio-based renewable non-toxic vegetable oils.

GS-2000 Vehicle Undercoating

GS-2000 is a non-hazardous, vegetable oil based, vehicle underbody coating system. Applied directly to the vehicle's undercarriage, GS-2000 creates a protective bio-based oil barrier against a variety of corrosive elements. Applied only through certified professional automotive service centers, GS-2000 is specially formulated to help protect your car or truck against the ravages of rust and corrosion while withstanding the harshest of winter driving conditions.

Contact us at 1-888-277-2295 or email Sustainable Refining for a list of current certified applicators in your area or to receive more information about becoming a certified GS-2000 applicator.

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